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Montessori method through an architectural eye | No Architects

The essence of Montessori method, which became popular during the twentieth century, is freedom of choice. Every child is interested in something else, and the aim of the method is to find these activities and then build the pedagogical process on them. The kindergarten, designed by No Architects in Prague, has translated the principles of the method into the language of architecture while helping the learning process.

The unusual angles and masses of the kindergarten allude to the unique spaces inside that invite children to explore: they can cook in a real kitchen and the classrooms can be flexibly adapted to different activities. The simple interiors are defined by an elegant interplay of subtle curves and sharp angles, and the chaoticness of the lamps thrown apart on the ceiling brings a little twist to the interior. The garden is also a prime location for learning: the architecture of the building offers semi-enclosed nooks, which makes young eyes look up in amazement and think about architecture with interest.

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