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Nanushka invites you on a surreal journey

Nanushka’s Prefall 2021 collection, Teleport, is the fruit of the pandemic. Creative director Szandra Sándor’s impressions of the time and elements of the environment around her are brought to life in the clothes. Surreal imagery comes in a neat package, for women and men alike!

The process of creative association was triggered in Sandra by an abstract picture frame hanging in her parents’ home: it evoked memories of Jean Cocteau prints and various surrealist symbols. From these, the world of the collection was formed and then further developed, based on a world of associations that at first seem astonishing. The strange mixture gives the impression of someone who has lived through the most important stages of his life and woven together memories of different eras. In practice, all this is expressed with restrained references faithful to the brand imagery.

The collection is built on contrasts, with pieces that are clean and suitable for everyday wear, full of dreamy, surprising details. The womenswear playfully reinterprets classic fabrics: fluffy and boucle knits, tweed and jacquard are given a fresh and bohemian layer of meaning. A disconnected feel is also present on the menswear, with practical basics embellished with floral and batik prints. The overall impression is one of a relaxed non-effortlessness that is characteristic of Nanushka, highlighted by the irregular campaign shots.

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