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NASA builds a 3D-printed habitat simulating Martian conditions

ICON and the Bjarke Ingels Group are responsible for making the 3D-printed structure in which the crew will be prepared for Martian life.

NASA is looking for volunteers for a one-year Mars mission simulation on Earth. The simulation missions will take place at a base called Mars Dune Alpha, which will be created in 3D printing at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. The purpose of the simulation is to assess the physical and mental challenges the future crew would face on Mars.

The approximately 160-square-meter space will also house workstations, medical units, plant growing spaces, and living quarters. Keeping the crew alert is aided by details such as ceilings of different heights per room, which break the monotony of the space. The simulation primarily tests how well the structure can ensure the health and performance of the crew during a longer expedition.

Source: Designboom

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