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Nature reigns in the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna

Live trees and blackened pines rescued from fire cover the interior of the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna. The installation created by Superflux, entitled Invocation for Hope, is part of the Vienna Biennale for Change 2021.

As part of the exhibition, Superflux has installed more than four hundred trees in the museum’s interior, surrounded by shrubs and moss, as well as dead pine trees. At the heart of the installation are a mirror and a screen placed at the bottom of a circular pool through which visitors can catch a glimpse of zoo animals. Regular watering and lamps suitable for plant growing ensure that living foliage continues to grow during the exhibition, which runs until October 3. At the end of the event, the burned trees will be recycled as compost and the green plants will be donated to local schools in Vienna.

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Source: The Spaces

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