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NFT artists unite to help Ukraine

In response to the situation in Ukraine, artists have also come together to support the civilians of the country by donating their artworks to charities that help people in the war-torn country. Although the NFT wave has split opinions in the art world, blockchain technology allows for a fast, transparent, and traceable fundraising process. We showcase some of these NFT-based initiatives with the help of Creative Bloq’s collection.

Through the Ukraine DAO initiative, you can own a piece of the digital image of the Ukrainian national flag. All proceeds from the sale of the NFT will go to Come Back Alive, a charity and volunteer initiative to help defend Ukraine. A Gallery, for example, sells paintings by the surrealist artist Vladimir Manzhos, also known as Waone Interesni Kazki, as NFTs. And the Holy Water startup has teamed up with the country’s top art institutions and galleries to create its NFT collection, which has already been joined by more than five hundred artists.

Alexey Kondakov, Kondakov_02 | Source: Holy Water
Sestry Feldman, Kyev | Source: Holy Water
Sestry Feldman, No war | Source: Holy Water

Source: Creative Bloq

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