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Donate your 1% while drinking your coffee

This year, KIKAPCS. Foundation’s goal for the Tax 1% collection campaign is to show that donating 1% is both simple and important. To this end, it has teamed up with several specialty coffee shops in Budapest and the countryside, where they want to encourage people to donate 1% of their tax to an organization they like by offering KIKAPCS. sticker coffees.

The history of founding KIKAPCS. dates back to the university days of the two founders, Luca Bárdió and Viktória Környei, where the idea of their joint initiative came up in a course. “Since we already had the social sensitivity and the will to help, we wanted to build an organization together that could make others happy,” said Viktória. The initial momentum was followed by a market research exercise, contacting families with children with special educational needs (CWSN). As a result, it became clear that these families face very similar problems, which are often not obvious but are still present in their daily lives. “Unfortunately, they are also invisibly marginalized. We developed our activities for them, which is still our core activity today,” added Luca. Thus was born KIKAPCS., whose mission is to provide recreation and community for families with CWSN. The project has grown from a two-person initiative to a family community of 150 people, a volunteer base of 30 and a foundation with 4 employees. 

Since their launch, they have worked with fashion brand Celeni, for example, to create a capsule collection to raise awareness for the problems that the mothers of KIKAPCS face every day. In their ambassador campaign, KIKAPCS. heroes are invited to speak for the organization’s cause for a month. Now, in 2022, the foundation will be able to raise 1% for the second time, with the aim of having someone on every holiday to put a smile on the faces of families: that is, at least two volunteers or conductors who can take part in every holiday, coordinate them, organize programs, play games and if necessary, provide developmental activities for the children.

In their current Tax 1% collection campaign, they want to raise awareness of the importance of donating 1% of your tax by involving specialty cafés. As highlighted by the founders of KIKAPCS., coffee and coffee drinking have a connective power, which is in line with the Foundation’s goals. “We believe that the cafés we approached for this joint collaboration are all central places in their own neighborhoods, where it’s good to go because you know you’re always welcome: it’s like a community place where a stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet. We, at KIKAPCS., share the same values: no matter where we come from, we can always find common ground,” they elaborate.

My Little Melbourne was the first to join the campaign, followed by 4minutes Café, Major in Budaörs, Placz Cafe 1379 in Sopron, Barista Café in Szeged, Monochrome in Uhersem and Manooka Café in Eger. As the team of My Little Melbourne shared their thoughts on the campaign, “the initiative of the KIKAPCS. Foundation was inspiring for us in many ways: we found it very appealing that two enthusiastic young girls are so committed to a cause they believe in so deeply. We could vibe with this enthusiasm and sense of mission ourselves. We were very enthusiastic about the idea of (also) reaching out to a certain segment of the population through cafés, and it was also uplifting to see that the cafés we suggested also got behind the cause, thus strengthening the community’s solidarity we hope to provide recreation for more families with CWSN this year!”

If you’d like to donate your 1%, you can do it here.

Cover photo: Virág Andrush

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