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Old materials come to life in the Lolita Eipprova café in Ljubljana

During a refurbishment, a myriad of materials in good condition end up in the trash that are classified as waste, which is not an environmentally and financially beneficial process. However, we still have to wait for the widespread adoption of green technologies, and their application will take more time and energy, so architects are more likely to turn to proven methods.

Nevertheless, the professional team of the Slovenian Triiije studio opted for more sustainable solutions and worked seventy percent with old, saved and second-hand materials in the interior design of Lolita Eipprova café in Ljubljana. Each element of the originally run-down, neglected building has been thoroughly checked and usable tiles, wallpapers and mirrors have been kept. The retaining walls were apparently left unfinished and at some points covered with parquet.

They also tried to recycle the equipment, so in addition to antique-looking tables, they also bought old Thonet chairs, creating a classic café atmosphere. On the upholstery of the armchairs along the windows, smart visitors can come across a variety of patterned textiles that complement the color scheme of mugs and plates sourced from flea markets. Undoubtedly, the most important decoration of the interior, which plays with all our senses, is the installation of the artist Jaša Mrevlje Pollak, which is located opposite the entrance, right next to the pastry counter.

Photos: Miran Kambič, Taja Košir Popovič

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