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On the shores of seas | TOP 5

Beaches are strange corners of the world: with the salty air, the sound of seagulls and the roar of the sea, we slow down, turn off our phones and live for today. Our selection today is an overview of the most pleasant coastal cities, where, in addition to relaxation, there are also many exciting programs.

Piran | Slovenia, Adriatic Sea

The Slovenian city of Piran is a special one: you can feel the Balkan virtue, Italian elegance and tranquility at the same time. The city is not only famous for its deep blue coastline, but the buildings here are also one by one historical.

Krynica Morska | Poland, Baltic Sea

Krynica Morska, a small Polish town, is home to just over a thousand people throughout the year, but in summer it is filled with tourists looking to relax. The seaside view is especially favorable for nature lovers: in addition to relaxation, there are also many excursion opportunities.

Rovinj | Croatia, Adriatic Sea

Rovinj is one of the treasure chests of Croatia, not by chance: the old town atmosphere is spiced with many cultural programs. For example, the Outdoor Art Festival and the Rovinj Photo Days are held here every year.

Varna | Bulgaria, Black Sea

In addition to coastal bathing, Varna is home to many historical and cultural events: theaters, museums and castles, as well as sandy beaches. Bulgaria is famous not only for its coastline but also for its natural beauty, with a number of special rock formations around Varna.

Pärnu | Estonia, Baltic Sea

Long, white, sandy beaches, salty wind, natural values and a romantic feeling of life characterize Pärnu, a charming city of the Baltic Sea. In 2020, it was chosen as the most sustainable city in the Baltic Sea countries due to its specific tourism and nature conservation solutions.

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