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One Day in Budapest with Zita Majoros, designer of Printa

Zita Majoros is not only the mother of an eco-conscious brand, Printa. She lives in her sunny Budapest apartment with her husband, two children and the family dog. Her fundamental principles, sustainability and eco-awareness, appear in every aspect of her life: in addition to the vintage treasures that found new purpose in her home, everything in her creative workshop, located in Budapest’s District VII, is made with the smallest ecological footprint possible, from garment collections to freshly ground coffee. This article was published in print in Hype&Hyper 2021/1.

All photos by Ádám Földi

We start our day in the historical Palace District, in one of the hundred-year-old buildings that rise above the area’s record stores and specialty cafés. Zita’s apartment is tranquil yet full of life, the early spring sunlight flowing through the windows illuminates the interior’s textures that are clothed in raw and natural shades of colors. There are many familiar objects inside: rustic ceramic vases made by Zita pop up in various places, standing next to chrome chairs – design imprints of the twenties – in harmony, as if they were created for each other. We start the day with freshly ground coffee, then head to the Klauzál Square Market Hall in the Jewish Quarter.


What gets you out of bed?

Coffee! We buy coffee beans straight from the neighboring Apricot specialty café (Budapest, Bródy Sándor Street 17, 1088), which my husband brews in our home with the professionalism of a real barista. I stay up late, so waking up is not the easiest. And yet, I usually get up at 6.30 AM. This is the tragedy of my life, and coffee is the only thing that helps. If my time allows, I wake my body up with yoga, which I then reward with a fruit or vegetable smoothie made with plant milk.

Which is your most-worn garment that you still love?

Out of all the vintage pieces in our family wardrobe, my favorite one is my father’s trenchcoat from the seventies. A blatant Burberry dupe made by the Yugoslav Novite. I also often wear the pieces of the Printa collection, testing their durability and looking for different ways to make the most out of them. I learn a lot from this, and I always incorporate my experience when designing the next collection.

What gives you inspiration for a busy day?

Going for a walk. The – maybe only – advantage of living in the city center is that you can easily get anywhere on foot. All my good ideas are born at such times: as I immerse myself in the sunshine, wind, rain, architecture and the bustle of the city, inspiration strikes.


How does living in Budapest influence your art?

I grew up in Novi Sad, which now belongs to Serbia, so I was socialized in a different culture and was affected by different impulses, and this affects my way of thinking. I have always seen Budapest as a mystical and magical place, so I think that the atmosphere of the city might have a greater impact on me than on someone who was born here. Budapest often appears in my creative works as well; I like to express what the city means to me this way.

What sorts of challenges did you have to overcome in growing your business?

I would rather call it stable stagnation. The biggest challenge for me is staying true to my principles even when the logic of business dictates otherwise. After eleven years of learning, failures, successes and work experience in general, I can say that I’m good at running my company. It’s not easy to develop a creative and sustainable brand in such a quickly changing economic climate, so I’m filled with pride that we’re still present on the market.

Where do you usually grab your lunch or your ingredients?

As a vegetarian, I cook a lot from scratch. I normally buy my groceries at the Klauzál Square Market Hall (Budapest, Akácfa Street 42-48, 1072). I really like being able to get everything from dairy to meat in a zero-waste way (although I don’t, my family consumes meat). My husband and I also love the Sunday farmers’ market in Szimpla kert (Budapest, Kazinczy Street 14, 1075), housed by one of the ruin pubs in the city center, where shopping is always made special by live music.


Best people-watching places in Budapest?

Printa, all jokes aside (Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén Street 10, 1075)! One of our greatest strengths is that we have a very diverse audience, so our customers include plenty of interesting characters, inspiring artists, humanities students, young people and foreign guests who are sensitive towards fashion and a sustainable lifestyle.

What’s an ideal evening for you?

Evenings are for family time. We discuss the events of the day over dinner and then play board games. Before going to bed, I soothe my mind with a delicious decaffeinated tea and grab the book I’m reading. Of course, this doesn’t always go according to plan. I often work late into the night. At such times, I open a fine bottle of wine and focus on my tasks. Before sleeping, I take stock of the day and give thanks for the things I have achieved.


All photos by Ádám Földi

The most intimate places in the city

Padron Tapas bar – Budapest, Horánszky Street 10, 1085

Dobrumba – Budapest, Dob Street 5, 1074

Pesti Chutney by Allen Diwan – Budapest, Bródy Sándor Street 21, 1085

A hot summer day in Budapest

Nehru part, a park by the Danube – Budapest, Nehru part, 1093

Mikszáth Kálmán Square and the KisLumen café – Budapest, Mikszáth Kálmán Square, 1088

Gellért Bath – Budapest, Kelenhegyi Way 4, 1118

Zero-waste and eco-conscious tips from Budapest

Szatyorbolt – Budapest, Gyulai Pál Street 12, 1085

Ligeti zero-waste shop – Budapest, Katona József Street 9-11, 1137

ArtKRAFT vintage furniture – Budapest, Budafoki Way 70, 1117

Best breakfast and brunch

Lumen – Budapest, Horánszky Street 5, 1085

Gerlóczy Café – Budapest, Gerlóczy Street 1, 1052

Menza restaurant – Budapest, Liszt Ferenc Square 2, 1061

Family time in the city

Budapest Makery – Budapest, Dob Street 38, 1072

Üzem Budapest ceramics workshops – Budapest, Áchim András Street 126, 1194

Hiking around the Hármashatárhegy airfield – Budapest, the hills of Hármashatárhegy, 1037

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