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One lake, thousands of possibilities | TOP 5

A lake is not only an excellent place for summer bathing. It is the perfect place to relax all year round, whether it’s a light waterfront walk or a boat trip. In our selection today, we looked at some of the most inviting lakes and boating lakes in Eastern Europe. Recommendation not only for boaters!

Lake Sfânta Ana | Romania

In Harghita, Romania, we find the thousand-faced Lake Sfânta Ana. The mass of water belonging to the Mohos Nature Reserve was formed in the crater of an extinct volcano, making it the only intact volcanic crater lake in Ciomatu Mare, Transylvania and in Central Europe. A romantic landscape surrounds the mass of water: it is surrounded on all sides by a dense pine forest, the water playing in dark colors from the mud settled on the bottom of the lake.

Lake Hámori | Hungary

Near Miskolc, on the border of Lillafüred and Felső-Hámor, there is a hiking destination suitable for boating, Lake Hámori. The beautiful, romantic landscape attracts tourists all year round, and the lake itself adds a lot to the attractiveness of Lillafüred and its surroundings. Already at the beginning of the last century, it was a very popular and still popular place for boating, where a range of recreational opportunities was added with a built-in beach.

LakePerućac | Serbia

On the border of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, at the bend of the river Drina, we find the artificially created Perućac Lake. Located in the heart of Tara National Park, the unique milieu of the mass of water is provided by the beautiful shade of the water and the colorful boathouses.

Lake Bled | Slovenia

Slovenia’s second largest lake is surrounded by the Julian Alps. The picturesque surroundings, the fairytale appearance of Lake Bled, which stretches between mountain and forest ranges, attracts a lot of tourists. In the middle of a tiny island we can admire the jewel of the lake, the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria. There are several ways to get to the island, including by boat. From their colorful awnings, the so-called pletnas made by the locals, used only here, wooden boats modeled on Venetian gondolas, can be recognized from afar.

Lake Hallstatt | Austria 

Lake Hallstatt deserves the title of one of Austria’s most popular destinations. The Salzkammergut region of Upper Austria includes the town of Hallstatt with its beautiful alpine lake. Snow-capped mountain peaks and dense forests intersect the lavish panorama that welcomes visitors. Every day of the year is the perfect place for a little boating.

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