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One of Berlin’s oldest cinemas is reborn in pastel and earth-colored hues

German studio BATEK Architekten has refurbished Yorck Kino Passage, one of the oldest cinemas in Berlin. The architects wanted the renovation to pay respect to the original neoclassical style of the cinema built in 1908, while still giving it a contemporary feel.

The renovation was inspired by the building’s large arched windows, so the foyer bar of the cinema was given pistachio-green arches, creating a contrast against the reddish-brown of the original linoleum floor. The studio also added a natural cork covering to the cupboards in the foyer, which has acoustic and other practical benefits. In addition to the interventions in the foyer, BATEK Architekten also renovated the two smaller auditoriums in the cinema, where the architects used intense, deep colors, using blue for one and classic red for the other.

Photos: Marcus Wend

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Source: Dezeen

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