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Online typography exhibition in the spirit of an idealized world

Utopolis is an online exhibition where more than twenty Hungarian artists, graphic designers and typographers showed what it would be like to write the script of an idealized world.

Utopolis is a place, which couldn’t be reached, you can only arrive, no roads or coordinates lead here. In this alternative reality, all challenges have been solved, the self-drawn walls have collapsed, and the constraints and obligations that have become redundant have ceased to exist. It is an ideal paradise, an imaginary social, political and cultural space. The project holds a mirror to our slippery world in an online typographic exhibition, with the help of designers from the creative sphere. The aim of the project is to write an idealistic scenario that can serve as an alternative to action and encourage the formation and collaboration of communities. The exhibition shows what it would be like to demolish current ideas and how it would be if we provided enough space, time and opportunity for everyone instead.

Zsófi Bányai, Always Remaining
Rebeka Tarcsa, Recipe of Utopolis
Natália Tímea Szabó, Kinetik Wor(l)d

Balka organized the online exhibition as an official program of the Budapest Design Week. You can find the complete Utopolis material on the Balka website.

Exhibitors: Zsófia Bányai | Judit Borsi | Kinga Covaciuné Czuczor | Adrienn Császár | Dunakanyarpress | Edit Ferenczik | Sára Gázmár | Áron Huszlicska | Csenge Kalmár | Nóra Kaszanyi | Gergely Kiss József | János Kőrös | Dániel Marton | Anikó Mező | Péter Morvai | Mihály Mózes | Slag Collective | Dominik Szabó | Natália Tímea Szabó | Zsófia Székely | Rebeka Tarcsa | Bernadett Tihon | János Hunor Vári

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