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Our favorite knitwear brands in the region | TOP 5

“Fall is again, fall is here…” At the same time, the number of gloomy days is growing. As the summer rays of the sun recede, our autumn wardrobe is again in the lead, so it’s time to find warm knit sweaters. If you miss these, we will show you our favorite brands from the region. Stay with us and get to know the coolest knitwear brands in Eastern Europe!

KELE | Hungary

Fashion designer Ildikó Kele and her two friends are connected by their common passion for beautiful objects. In 2011, they founded their independent knitwear brand, KELE. Drawing on tradition, they wanted to create something completely fresh and new. From the finest yarns, surprising and endless variations of colors and shapes are dreamed up again and again by the designers. Plenty of hours worked and several meters of material used are embodied in seasonal collections every year.

Maridruna | Serbia

The Maridruna brand was born from the meeting of nurturing traditions and exclusivity. Brand founder Mariana Andrić recognized the value in Serbian handicraft traditions and in 2015 set up her own fashion company focusing on handmade knitted clothes and accessories. Each piece is made with love, using unique solutions, and sustainable principles. As a result, garments are born that several generations will wear with joy.

ëviköt | Hungary

According to Évi Katona’s creed, knitting is not only cool, it gives flow. It’s a captivating feeling to create something from different textures and colors that didn’t even exist before. The warmth of knitting is calling, makes you move and gives you imagination. There really is only one of everything here, because each is a unique, handmade piece. The joy of meeting is thus even sweeter, to fall in love with something that suits us of all kinds.

ëviköt x Éva Szombat x Verkstaden collaboration: Grandma said it

MIK—Jana Mikešová | Czech Republic

Jana Mikešová fell in love with wool during her studies at UMPRUM in Prague, and her love of knitting has not ended ever since. The MIK brand combines femininity, comfort and simple lines at the same time. Using quality materials, local labor is used to make sophisticated, feminine knitted garments that can be fitted together.

nomadknit | Russia

At the end of our selection, we surprise you with a real breath of fresh air. Each knitted piece made by Valentina Gordeeva in St. Petersburg emphasizes the beauty of natural material and personal uniqueness. With its exciting, bold color combinations, we can stand out even on the grayest days.

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