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Out of adventure to Lake Balaton—The Peak Specialty Coffee

There is no place like Lake Balaton—many people think so, but there are also those who have a go at it instead of daydreaming. Marci Gorka and Aisling Keys have already lived in many parts of the world, but this summer they chose Révfülöp. Meet The Peak Specialty Coffee!

A good coffee is not just a drink that wakes you up. It is more than that, as a cup of latte or cold brew made from excellent ingredients give you experience, snatch out of the daily grind and fill you with fun. Not to mention when it is given with love, accompanied by a good word or two, in a friendly place…  Márton Gorka and Aisling Keys had a vision similar to this. They both went on an adventurous journey before—Aisling lived in Colorado until she was a high school student, then moved home, then tried her luck in Ireland, Spain and England, as did Marci. At the beginning of the pandemic, they returned home together, and set foot in Wekerle. Marci started working in A másik bolt (which we wrote about herethe Ed.), where the milieu was colorful and inspiring enough to give him the right impulse for the future: sometimes his job was to look for breweries, and other times he was making a terrace with the help of Aisling.

When their time allowed, they cycled a lot, hiked, ran, explore nature, and the girl’s family has a small plot of land in Balatonrendes, with a summer lodge on it, which they often visited—and also because there is always something to do in such a place. At that point, they thought that the freedom, fresh air and tranquility that Lake Balaton provides could perhaps hide more. They just had to wish: not long after, in Révfülöp, next to Route 71, they saw the sign “For rent” on the window of a small cottage. After a few conversations and surveys, events sped up and they rented the eighteen-square-meter building to open a specialty café for the summer. They didn’t want a sparkling bistro or a loud bar, but a nice place where residents and tourists alike could relax for a few minutes, where they could find delicacies in the area and have a good coffee in the meantime. The Peak Specialty Coffee was born—the café where it is as much a pleasure to arrive as to climb a hilltop.

Although the size of the café is really small (tables didn’t even fit), it has everything you wish to see and eat. The coffee machine is leased from Goosebumps, and the founders considered it important to present Hungarian producers, focusing mainly on locals, so products from CsakisALMA, Balatonic, Bambi, Ugar Brewery and SHARE will also be available (as soon as the necessary licences arrive). Later, the supply is expected to be expanded with bakery products and other delicacies, and honey, jams and syrups from primary producers will also appear on the shelves, more precisely on a scrapped and refurbished ladder that has been put in space for this purpose. Speaking of renovation—every square centimeter of The Peak is the work of Marci, Aisling, as well as their family and friends, which really fills the place with spirit.

Since the opening is still due, nothing is final, everything can change according to needs. The place is closed on Mondays, otherwise it is planned to be open until the end of October. At the end of the season, the couple will also move back to Budapest, partly because of the expected decrease in income, and partly because, true to the name of the summer residence in Balatonrendes (rendes means nice), which is their home, it can only be optimal in good weather and very cold in winter. In short, if you go for a bike ride towards Lake Balaton or discover the wineries and markets of the Káli Basin, turn to Révfülöp, because here you can recharge—The Peak, Aisling and Marci, and a wonderful coffee will take care of it.

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