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Past and present come into play in the concept of the Lithuanian restaurant Nineteen18

Interior design and gastronomy—two phenomena that link Lithuania’s historical past and modern present in Vilnius’ city center. The uniqueness of Nineteen18 comes from this contrast while drawing attention to the natural beauty of seasonal eating.

1918: the year Lithuania regained its independence—in honor of which Nineteen18 was named, referring to Lithuania’s rich cultural heritage not only in its identity and name but also in its gastronomy. Nineteen18 adopts a farm-to-table philosophy and carefully monitors the provenance of their ingredients, so most ingredients are sourced from sustainable organic farms. The restaurant draws inspiration from the nation’s culinary heritage, which also includes the mystique of seasonality. Seasonality is a faithful reflection of the rhythms of life, the busy and bountiful season of harvest, the festive season, the introspection of winter, but also the chaotic state of war. For efficient food preservation, to conserve resources and labor, and to ensure survival, the guidelines of seasonality have been applied for centuries on end. Nineteen18 incorporates this knowledge into both the menu and the restaurant’s management, bridging the country’s past, present, and future in both culinary and spatial terms.

Photo: Nineteen18

Photo: Robertas Daskevičius, Aiste Rakauskaite

The eclectic and magical harmony of the restaurant is primarily due to its location: the venue is situated in Senatorių Pasažas, a centuries-old mansion in the center of Vilnius. The building was renovated in 2020 by two renowned studios DO ARCHITECTS and YesDesign Architecture, making sure that the building retains its mixed Gothic, Baroque and Neoclassical style, while still blending in with the concept of contemporary minimalist design.

Photo: Nineteen18

Photo: Aiste Rakauskaite

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