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Pet-friendly luxury apartment by Sadovsky & Architects

How can the spaces of a modern house be aesthetically designed so that they are cozy to the people and pets living there as well? In the new project from Sadovsky & Architects, this challenge could be solved.

Slovak-based Sadovsky & Architects was commissioned by a private individual to design the apartment in the luxury district of Bratislava. The customer’s family has many pets, so it was important to make the whole house animal-friendly and to preserve as many green spaces as possible.

The garden surrounding the house was divided into two parts with an easily accessible partition wall: an oasis-like, tidy part of the inner garden and a more romantic, more spacious area of the outer garden, followed by the fence bordering the plot. Thanks to this design, the garden has become a large adventure park, to the delight of pets. Accessibility and the easiest possible connection to the garden were important during the interior design of the apartment.

Photos: Jakub & Nora Caprnkovci

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Source: Archdaily

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