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Pick-your-own places | TOP 5

Nowadays, we can come across more and more places with pick-your-own special offers that are not only wallet-friendly but also provide a fantastic experience. Get a basket, because we have collected the pick-your-own gardens in Eastern Europe!

Levenduland | Slovakia

The popularity of lavender stems not only from its beauty, but also from its thousands uses, and the most exciting way to get it is to pick it yourself. Levenduland brings a touch of Provencal life to the heart of Slovakia, where we can pick the lavender bushes we like from June to July.

Capsul Farm | Hungary

Capsul Farm aims to make home plant growing accessible to everyone and allow residents to easily find alternative options for plant care. The Farm offers solutions that can be easily integrated into the urban environment, yet fresh ingredients and your own vegetables can be put on the table. Many workshops, pick-your-own offers are tied to their name, as they know that through these offers they can reach people’s interest and promote urban micro-production. Thanks to their series of events, a large number of children were able to get acquainted with home-made vegetable production, and older people are welcome to seedling fairs, composting and other garden-related trainings.

Berry Servis | Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a real berry superpower: it has the most raspberry, blackberry and strawberry plantations in the region. Berry Servis grows and sells these forest fruits, as well as making home-made jams and drinks. Environmental protection is part of the company’s philosophy, so they strive for it in every little detail, thanks to, for example, recycled packaging or the use of gentle chemicals. It is a family-friendly place, so everyone can take part in the seasonal fruit harvest.

Kőröshegyi Levendulás | Hungary

If it’s Lake Balaton in summer, then it includes hake, lángos, lavender. There are many lavender fields in Hungary, yet the Kőröshegyi Levendulás is the queen of lavender harvesting: in addition to flower-related programs, it also hosts cultural events. On Kőröshegy, it is possible to pick flowers from spring to autumn, as daffodils and tulips can be picked in addition to lavender. If you are going to pick lavender, don’t leave your four-legged pets at home either, as the place welcomes them as well.

Tulipgarden | Hungary

Tulipgarden has grown into a real franchise, with gardens in many parts of the country, such as Mórahalom, Lake Balaton, Cegléd and Lake Tisza. The atmosphere is floral all year round: in the spring we can pick tulips, and in the autumn a bulb fair awaits everyone.

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