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PIIT’s new series explores the expansion of matter into new forms and functions

Korean artist PIIT (Pure Interest In Things) firmly believes that all ordinary things have hidden power, and focuses in particular on the potential of a common material to grow and expand into new forms and functions. To test this vision, PIIT has created an experimental art project called ”Growth Series“, in which knitted pieces have taken over what appears to be a construction site.

The artist started by using thick fabric fibers to replicate the basic shape of a cone or concrete column, but soon realized that these replicas could be expanded in various ways, just like a single stem of living cells.

”It can be transformed into an element that has texture and volume, it can be a structure that supports space, it can grow like a parasite, it can replace the function of furniture, or it can replace social regulations (in this series, traffic cones). It shows us how to connect relationships such as space-space, object-people, and object-clones, like a transfer of functions,“ PIIT reflected on the project.

Source: designboom

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