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Pipe-like house reflects the surrounding landscape

Designer Sergey Kuznetsov and KROST have collaborated on this suspended, pipe-like house, the surface of which reflects the surrounding landscape. The stainless steel-clad pavilion was inaugurated at the Archstoyanie festival and land art event in the Kaluga region of Russia. It is a full-fledged residential building where you can live, cook or even sleep in comfort.

A key feature of the project is the seamless cladding made of four millimeter-thick stainless steel sheeting, under which a special system absorbs the sound of the rain. The interior is designed in a modern style using wood and metal. The building is three and a half meters in diameter and twelve meters long. Its structure is placed on a sloping terrain, which gives the building a floating effect. It was created using complex engineering techniques commonly used in shipbuilding: for example, the skeleton of the building is made of support ribs similar to those of the hulls of ships, and the imposing structure, weighing some twelve tonnes, is balanced by just six bolts

Source: Designboom

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