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Playground with air-purifying micro-algae

London-based architecture and innovation firm ecoLogicStudio unveils ‘Airbubble’ as the world’s first biotechnological playground to integrate air-purifying micro-algae. The project aims to provide a purified micro-climate for children at play. The unusual playground has opened its gates to the public in Warsaw, the Polish capital.

‘Airbubble’ incorporates a cylindrical timber structure wrapped in an ETFE membrane protecting fifty-two glass algae reactors, creating an urban algae greenhouse. Its interior hosts ropes and bouncy spheres, while the installation can function as both playground and outdoor classroom. Another unique feature is the white bubbling noise of the algae gardening system that masks the surrounding urban noise to provide a calming atmosphere in which to play and interact. ‘Airbubble’ is located outside of Warsaw’s Copernicus Science Center—a site that will also host a dedicated exhibition illustrating the design innovation behind the invention of the project. 

Source: Designboom

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