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Decide who will win the Audience Award in the Plydesign Idea Contest!

The multiple award-winning Hungarian furniture brand Plydesign invited entries from students in higher education in Hungary on the design of plywood objects, accessories and furnishings. The young designers came up with ideas for objects, furnishings and accessories that would improve the user’s environment, make their work easier, or otherwise contribute to their quality of life while also making good use of the potential of plywood as a material. The winner will be invited to participate with the Plydesign team at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair in February 2022.

Based on the decision of the Plydesign jury, five young artists – Fanni Barta, Anna Kovács, Laura Schillinger, Áron Sütheő, Ildikó Varga – were selected as finalists.

Now is your chance to support your favorite with a vote!

You can vote on this page: click on your favorite, click on the “Vote” button at the bottom of the list and send your vote. You can read a detailed description of the entries and the competition in this article. Meet the young designers and their ideas and decide who will win the first prize in the public vote.

You can vote between 8 September and 8 October, and we will publish the winner’s name here on Hype&Hyper after the results are announced.