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Podcast of Bánáti + Hartvig Architecture Office “Beszélő építészet” continues

Beszélő építészet (Talking Architecture) continues with new episodes. Over the next 6 months, the podcast will cover sustainability issues in the built environment in conversations with urban planners, property developers, sustainability consultants and architects.

The first podcast of Bánáti + Hartvig Architecture Office was recorded during the pandemic, followed by six other shows, which also dealt with sustainability issues, residential architecture and the history of the Drechsler Palace. The series is now being relaunched, and will focus on sustainability in architecture, with the help of experts.

Our first guest is environmental psychologist Andrea Dúll, with whom we explore the interplay between the built environment, sustainability—or proenvironmentality in Andrea’s term—and human well-being. From BH, Béla Bánáti will take part in the discussion, as well as editor-presenter Zsuzsanna Molnár.

The episode is available, among others, on Spotify and Apple podcast.

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