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Polish beach retro on posters | Ewelina Gąska

Summer is here already and finally we have more and more options to travel. In her print collection, Warsaw-based graphic designer Ewelina Gąska visualizes the unique essence of the Baltic coast. Contemporary and retro at the same time: surfers, seagulls, corn on the cob and waffles with whipped cream in endless amounts!

Ewelina drew on her own childhood memories from the nineties when she captured the characteristic beach scenes of the Hel Peninsula, full of absurdities and sometimes even kitschy elements. “The first time I visited the Hel Peninsula it was love at first sight and I decided to express these emotions in a way that was graphic—hence the series,“  Ewelina explained.

“Simply put, I find the Baltic Coast amazing, and it is for its unique atmosphere that I keep coming back. Certainly, the scenes depicted will be familiar to all of those that have ventured north at the height of summer: in one, hundreds of colorful windbreakers clutter every square inch of a beach; in another, seagulls line the handrails of a pier whilst another struts down the middle adorned with tourist essentials such as flip flops and novelty gifts. My favorite is the picture of bus number 666 going to Hel” the creator said. Windbreakers are, for example, characteristic accessories of the Baltic Coast, as this is what Polish families use to confine their place on the beach. On the one hand, these windbreakers protect them from the cold winds coming from the water, and they also provide a little privacy to them in the crowd. 

The print collection reached back to the traditions of the justly famous Polish School of Posters. They are all characterized by vivid colors, picturesque gestures, humor and subjectivity, just like the great works of the 20th century. “The Polish School of Posters has a very long and interesting history, and I think there are many great artists whose works have proved timeless,” Ewelina told us.

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