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Polish graphic designers in the spotlight | VeryGraphic: Polish Designers of the 20th Century

The book VeryGraphic: Polish Designers of the 20th Century was published by Culture.pl and was edited by Jacek Mrowcyk. The publication summarizes and presents the most exciting contemporary graphic designers in Poland, more precisely, the 64 artists are described by 30 authors through 448 pages and 57 chapters.

The book was published in English to present to the whole world the vast and diverse heritage of Polish graphic artists because, although historically rich, Polish graphic design is still little known abroad, but contains much more than their internationally recognized poster art.

The editor divided the content into three main chapters, highlighting the period of war and the birth of the Solidarity movement, which proved to be the most dynamic and productive periods for the artists presented.

The book proves that Polish design is much more colorful and complex than simply thinking of it as an influx of posters, and that Polish iconic artists also excel in magazine and cover design and typography.

Source: Culture.pl

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