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Preserve and move on—renovation in Czech style

Kocanda has undergone many changes and alterations over the years: after unraveling the unnecessary and disturbing elements, the designers managed to redefine the place as a complete, harmonious whole, worthy of its original spirit.

It was a car shed and then a ceramics factory, and now the building is being revived as a venue for events and a hotel for agritourism, hosted by the fairy-tale Kravsko in South Moravia.

The ORA studio tried to keep the original masses and proportions, while avoiding excessive innovations. Authentic materials and details such as beautiful floors or ancient doors were preserved.

The snow-white walls of the interiors allow the furnishings to stand out as a white cube fitting in a museum. Cast iron bathtubs, old tables, chairs, cabinets, console tables of washbasins—furniture found or from an antique shop all tell stories. The feeling of being in an old house stays with us everywhere.

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Source: Arch Daily

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