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Printa SS22’s Sentience collection invites us on an inner journey

Printa SS22’s collection is defined by four different patterns, intuitively created by fashion designer Zita Majoros. This is how this emotion-driven collection was born, and it was exactly this instinctive creation process that made it so authentic.

The Sentience items were designed for the Spring/Summer season, yet, their functionality does not stick to the warm days; sweaters, long-sleeved tops and dresses, blazers and slouchy trousers are perfect for early spring weather and cooler summer evenings, while allowing versatile pairing and layering. As for the burning sun, lightweight dresses, asymmetric skirts and light tops will help you get through the day in style. A key piece in the SS22 collection is the cropped blazer, which allows you to wear extra layers above 20°C. A lightweight piece that comes in subtle pistachio, neutral grey, plaid and a beige-black variation.

Source: Press release

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