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Printa’s new spring-summer collection goes zero waste

Breeze, Printa’s new spring-summer collection is characterized by a sense of freedom, motion, and air—a blend of lightsome and ethereal ideas—showcasing zero waste items designed with the brand’s signature versatility.

Printa’s refined vision runs through the entire collection, while the dynamic brushstroke pattern featured on several items lends a unique and original vibe to the whole collection. The items are characterized by soft lines, frills, and creases, with shapes defined by their romantic details. Delicately light clothes that prove to be truly pleasant to wear even on the hottest summer days. Comfort is due not only to the styles but also to the organic, natural materials. Every single item is created with zero-waste tailoring solutions: white tops’ V-necks, for instance, were repurposed as tiny pockets instead of ending up on the waste pile.

Discover the collection’s light and breezy but functional items in Printa’s web store!

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