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Professional recording studios for the perfect sound | TOP 5

Central Europe is also home to a growing number of world-class recording studios, alongside excellent musical talent. Of these, we have now brought you five venues with professional acoustics and equipment where every sound finds its place.

Monchrom Studio | Poland

The Monochrom Studio, dreamed up by two young sound engineers, is one of the most sought-after studios in Poland and the region. Sam Toyoshima, who also contributed to the design of the acoustic spaces of the legendary Abbey Road Studios, was responsible for world-class acoustics. And the exclusive, panoramic location of the studio is the icing on the cake.

Photos: www.monochromstudio.com

Tall Pine Records | Poland

Next to Gdansk, there is the Tall Pine Records, which with its analog instruments, excellent acoustics, and cozy atmosphere can satisfy the needs of any world star.

Photos: www.tallpine.pl

LVGNC Studios | Slovakia

Perhaps one of the best studios in Bratislava is also one of the best in the region. The LVGNC Studios cleverly combines state-of-the-art equipment with a vintage vibe, which is a pretty advantageous pairing in the world of recording studios.

Photos: www.vgncstudios.com

Treehouse Studios | Austria

Although it ranks fourth on our list, Treehouse Studios in Vienna ranks first in simplicity. Of course, professional equipment is essential here as well, which is made even more attractive by the downtown location.

Photos: www.treehouse-studios.at

Supersize Recording | Hungary

One of Hungary’s most prominent studios is the Supersize Recording in Törökbálint, where rooms with excellent acoustics and an even more excellent sound engineering team await light and classical music productions.

Photos: www.supersizerecording.com

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Tall Pine Records | Web | Facebook | Instagram
LVGNC Studios | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Treehouse Studios | Web | Facebook | Instagram
Supersize Recording | Web | Facebook | Instagram

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