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Pula’s renovated tunnel system creates alternative options

Pula is one of the dominant cities of the Istria peninsula, and it is no coincidence that the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and the subsequent wars have endowed the otherwise picturesque landscape with a complex tunnel system. Breda Bizjak, founder and architect of BB ARHITEKTI studio, has revitalized the cavernous underground spaces in the historic city center.

The project aims to speed up the urban rhythm and discover and stimulate the desire for “hidden” urban spaces. The underground routes almost mirror the network of streets and squares, allowing the underground space to be developed as alternative transport infrastructure. The tunnel system shows the city’s face from a completely different perspective: the underground atmosphere encourages the development of new community spaces, and it also completely transforms the existing framework of the city—opening up a new dimension parallel to the town. Alternative solutions and public spaces create opportunities for the development of cultural life and other projects.

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Source: Outsider

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