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Pyton Place exhibition shows how Bauhaus influenced Norwegian design

Oslo-based collective Pyton showcased more than 50 examples of Norwegian art, design and craft at the Pyton Place exhibition during London Craft Week. Pyton Place aims to tell the story of how modernism impacted traditional craft practices created in Norway, as well as the objects that were produced as a result. The exhibition was supported by Norwegian Crafts and was one of the headline events during London Craft Week. 

Presented in Cromwell Place from 11-15 May, the exhibition paired the distinctive pine furniture of mid-century Norwegian designer Edvin Helseth with objects and artworks of Sigve Knutson and Tron Meyer, while also adding a number of historical and contemporary sculptural and functional objects and works of art.

According to Richard Øiestad and Are Blytt, the two Pyton members behind Pyton Place, the aim was to show that the modernist movement was not just a generic style, but also resulted in a range of diverse, highly crafted works. Bauhaus played a crucial role in Norway’s adaptation of modernism, and at the beginning of the 20th century, young Norwegian designers were attracted to the innovative spirit of Bauhaus.

Source: dezeen

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