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Radio tower in the spirit of brutalism—through the lens of Alexandra Timpau

Alexandra Timpau has been interested in photography and architecture since she was a child. She graduated from the latter in Romania and then decided to combine her two passions. The architectural photographer has been living in the Czech Republic ever since, but she captures known or forgotten buildings in many parts of the world, approaching them from a new perspective.

After more than ten years of construction, the Radio Tower in Bratislava opened in the late 1980s and has been a characteristic feature of the surrounding landscape ever since. The upside-down pyramid-shaped facility was declared a Slovakian National Monument in 2018, when the photographer took the photos.

The project actually started in 1967, the architects were Štefan Svetko, Štefan Ďurkovič and Barnabáš Kissling. In 1983 the steel-framed structure was completed, which actually consists of not one but two pyramids. The larger pyramid is home to musical performances and community life, while the interior is home to all the broadcasting equipment.

“Sometimes it’s a story of strong contrast, inequality, power, control, nostalgia and sometimes it’s one of being humble and open,” Alexandra Timpau said of architecture, which she thinks shows well how a society works. Whatever we think of the unusual shape of the radio tower, one thing is for sure: an authentic imprint of the age.

Photos: Alex Shoots Buildings

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Source: ArchDaily, Alex Shoots Buildings, Kontextur

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