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Recharge on the last uninhabited island of Europe!

Also called the Maldives of Ukraine, the island has a soft white sandy beach, crystal clear water and dolphins! If you are tired of typical tourist destinations and travel to a really special place, then Dzharylhach Island is the perfect destination for you!

The fifty-six-square-kilometer island is located in the southern part of the Hersonissos region, and its shores are washed by the waters of two bays, Dzharylhach and Karkinit. The unique fauna and flora of the island are mainly due to the fact that it is still uninhabited. Seventy species of rare plants live among the sandy shores, salt lakes and swamps, as well as hundreds of stags, mouflons and wild boars, but foxes and deers also often appear. Black Sea bottlenose dolphins and short-beaked common dolphins are also often seen from the shore. Guided tours of the island start daily, it is worth joining one!

The easiest way to get to the island is by steamboat, and if you spend the night here, you can do it in a tent. There is a café and shop at the pier, where you should definitely try the local specialties: grilled ray and ray soup.

Source, pictures: Jet Set Together, Euronews, Shorts Trip

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