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Refreshing thirst quenchers from Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Ice-chilled, bubbly, sweet or just refreshingly sour aromas: in our selection today we picked from the iconic and lesser-known soft drink brands of Eastern Europe. Welcome and drink them with love!

Dr. Filler | Austria

The brand Dr. Filler was founded in Austria in 2014,  which is everything but unusual. The brand’s carbonated soft drinks are available in three flavors: in addition to conventional mandarin, you can sample surprising variations of cotton candy and cola-pine. The drinks offer an unforgettable taste experience on their own, chilled in ice or as an ingredient in exciting cocktails.

Photos: Dr. Filler/Facebook

Brothers and Sisters Kombucha | Poland

Kombucha is incredibly popular these days. The special, slightly sparkling drink, besides being irresistibly delicious, also has a beneficial effect on our health. The detoxifying and energizing juice made from fermented black or green tea got its name from the lichen that causes fermentation. The Polish Brothers and Sisters Kombucha makes the experience of consuming kombucha available in bottled form, in countless flavor combinations.

Cockta | Croatia

The flavors of caramel, rosehip and eleven types of herbs are mixed in the Cockta. The drink, which is flaunting in its dark, deep shade of caramel, has been loved by many since 1953 because of its color, taste and smell. Unlike other colas, it does not contain any artificial flavor at all, but not even caffeine. In addition to the Cockta Original, you can also enjoy the Yugoslav refreshment in a sugar-free version.

Almdudler | Austria

We don’t have to go far if we want to taste another traditional drink, as who wouldn’t be familiar with the name Almdudler, which has enjoyed unbroken popularity since 1957? With its herbal and citrus flavors, it conquers not only in its homeland, Austria. The alpine lemonade is characterized by high quality, unique taste and design. In addition to its ingredients, which have remained unchanged for decades, limited-edition flavors and bottles also contribute to its success. Naturalness and craftsmanship came to the fore in the organic product line launched on the brand’s 60th birthday, which won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2017.

Bambi | Hungary

Speaking of cult drinks, we cannot miss out the renewed Bambi in relation to Hungary. Refreshed and refilled inside and out, the brand, founded in 1947, has returned to the Hungarian market. With four special flavors, we will find the improved soft drink in its new guise on the store shelves.

Photos: Bambi/Facebook

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