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Relaxing on the rocking waves of the river—event boats in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

Sparkling sunshine, cooling breeze, and rocking waves: this idyllic setting is perfect for sipping a cocktail or enjoying your favorite dishes if you decide to try something new and venture out on the water instead of the usual downtown setting. Of course, we do all this figuratively, as the most popular event boats of the region are awaiting their guests standing in the ports of the big cities of Eastern and Central Europe, and instead of the experience of travel, they focus on fabulous panoramas, exciting programs and delicious dishes! In today’s selection, we take a look at these!

A38 | Budapest, Hungary

The A38, which has been operating for fourteen years, is undoubtedly one of the most important and famous institutions of the Budapest cultural scene. The ship, which also functions as a concert hall, exhibition hall, bistro and bar, has welcomed millions of visitors since its inception, and from the autumn, in addition to the panoramic studio established in 2015, all the control rooms of Petőfi TV and Petőfi Radio also moved on board.

Marina Ristorante | Prague, Czech Republic

There’s nothing more romantic than having a glass of wine at sunset while enjoying downtown Prague! Located in the immediate vicinity of Charles Bridge, Marina Ristorante sits on a modern-looking ship, where in addition to heavenly cuisine, gastronomy lovers can also taste excellent cocktails.

WIR | Warsaw, Poland

If you are looking for one of the most special and innovative nightclubs in the region, it is worth taking a small trip to Warsaw, where you can enjoy the sets of the best performers of the Polish electronic music scene at the WIR on the banks of the Vistula River. In addition to partying until dawn, it is also worth taking a look at the menu, as you can choose from many popular street food dishes from Japanese ramen soup to traditional hamburgers!

Motto Am Fluss | Vienna, Austria

The restaurant ship Motto Am Fluss, which is famous for its friendly staff, its cosmopolitan lifestyle and the interior that evokes the atmosphere of the 1950s, is a very quiet oasis in the heart of Vienna, where guests who want to relax and chill can enjoy a refreshing smoothie or a homemade lemonade on the sunny terrace.

Spoon The Boat | Budapest, Hungary

The Spoon can accommodate up to 600 people and regularly hosts weddings, conferences, press conferences, fashion shows, balls and office and private parties. The location of the event boat with its à la carte restaurant, three rooms with a different atmosphere, three kitchens and five bars is unique: from the Chain Bridge to the Buda Castle, you can admire almost all the sights from its panoramic terraces.

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