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Remarkable public installations in the region | TOP 5

Public installations often appear unexpectedly, and because of their peculiar nature, they are able to fascinate us completely. At the same time, they can be a part of a larger concept or a reminder of history.

Kulturlandschaft Paasdorf | Mistelbach, Austria

The main square of the small “street village” called Paasdorf was home to a symbol of the Kulturlandschaft Paasdorf art project, which was installed by feld72. The unusual, multifunctional space can accommodate different needs: in addition to being an orientation point, a lounge and a lecture corner, even an open-air gallery, it can also be considered a stage for everyday life.

UWO | Piestany, Slovakia

The UWO (unidentified wooden object) was created in one of the workshops organized by WO|V|EN, a kind of summer university. The inspiration for the object, designed by the students, was the rays of the sun running through the trees and running on the amber mats. For the sake of simplicity, an immediately recognizable community space has been created.

Szathmáry Palace ruins | Pécs, Hungary

Bishop György Szathmáry built his Renaissance-style summer residence at the beginning of the 16th century, which is now known as the Szathmáry Palace, one of the most valuable protected monuments in Hungary. After winning the title of European Capital of Culture in Pécs in 2010, the architects of MARP have redefined the ruins of the palace—which, thanks to the installations, can shine as a whole.

Mirror Field | Kyiv, Ukraine

The audiovisual installation is part of the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center, which aims to bring to life the tragic events of September 1941—the largest massacre by the Nazi regime. Its central element is the Tree of Life symbol found in most religions of the world, and the disc and columns were shot with bullets of the same caliber as those used by German forces.

Pedestrian bridge and resting area | Žilina, Slovakia

Straník Mountain has been used for paragliding since the 1930s. From this, the 2021 architectural studio together with the LABAK architectural office designed a pedestrian bridge and a cozy resting place. You can comfortably admire the view, relax during a hike or right before your glide.

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