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Respect and dignity in Greenland’s high-security prison

The capital, Nuuk, is home to Anstalten prison, which allows perpetrators of serious crimes to serve their sentences closer to home, as in the past, people who committed serious crimes were transferred to Denmark from the country.

The prison, designed as a small village, is a joint project between Schmidt Hammer Lassen and Friis & Moltke, which was opened in 2019, but now a series of images of the complex show how a prison can be people-centered. The 8,000-square-metre prison houses 76 inmates, and includes a health center, a chapel, a sports center and a library.

When designing the complex, the aim was to create a link between the prisoners and nature through the use of a lots of glass: respect and dignity were the two principles that guided the construction of the complex. The contrast between beauty and harshness runs through the prison, whose twelve square meter cells lack the bars that would obstruct the view.

Source: Dezeen

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