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Rethought beauty salon

In the Russian port city of the Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad, a new wave of “beauty district” is emerging: more and more wellness, beauty and yoga studios are opening here in the spirit of naturalness and green philosophy. And this attitude results in new types of interiors despite the usual atmosphere of beauty establishments. Here is one of the salons of the beauty cluster with outstanding visuals, Spa.Sibo!

The Beletskaya Bureau, a studio for interior design, has recreated the atmosphere of contemporary design galleries to suit the needs of the beauty salon, peacefully harmonizing every element of the space.

Blessed with high ceilings and huge windows, the 146-square-foot room is located on the ground floor of a newly built downtown condominium. From a functional point of view, the intelligent spatial design was the goal to make both guests and employees feel comfortable. At the heart of the concept is a cube made of a mirror that dominates the space as a kind of work of art through LED lighting, through which every inch of the place becomes visible. The color palette is nourished by the cool, “Baltic” colors, which are reflected in the environment through the large windows. The concrete ceiling was intentionally left raw in line with the current industrial trend. The walls, on the other hand, were finished with light gray plaster, and the floor was given a polished stone cladding of a similar shade. The counters and work areas of the make-up artists were made of granular marble, and the unique perfume shelves were carved out of Baltic rock. The brown leather details, wood elements and green and dried flowers are used to ease the shades of gray and rigid textures.

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Photo: Sergey Melnikov

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