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Rethought plastic | Crafting Plastics Studio

The problems caused by petroleum-based, conventional plastics have become part of our everyday lives: pollution, high energy consumption and rapid climate change are not hard to spot. However, what would happen if a new, significantly more environmentally friendly plastic alternative emerged in the public?

Crafting Plastics Studio was founded in 2016 by designer Vlasta Kubušová and industrial designer Miroslav Král, who commuted between Berlin and Bratislava. Since then, their goal has been to extend the life of their products and make their processes sustainable. Their products can meet consumer needs without waste. Crafting Plastics Studio is also involved in the production and research of each stage, resulting in a combination of craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.

One of the highlights of the Nuatan project, the reusable TO-GO coffee cup, is made entirely from renewable resources and is biodegradable. The cup can be disposed of in industrial compost at the end of its life. The purpose of Nuatan cups is to replace traditional disposable glasses in cafés and festivals with a more natural option, which degrades much sooner than general plastic after use.

During the pandemic, the studio created a collection of 3D-analog diffusers made entirely of bio-based materials. Examination of various materials and constant research have expanded the brand’s reach, working now not only with high-end designer products, but also with everyday objects, promoting renewable products, including tableware collections.

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