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Retreat to pre-natal existence

This time, the client of Russian sculptor and architect Gregory Orekhov was his own daughter. Agatha dreamed of having an outdoor playhouse where she could retreat from the world but found the existing forms unimaginative. Therefore, her artist dad turned to the egg shape, which he has adapted several times in his sculptures.

The egg is, in his opinion, the most perfect form in terms of architecture and proportions because it has nothing superfluous. It is also the oldest religious symbol: a visual image of new beginnings, rebirth and infinity. “Once inside, one gets the opportunity to experience ‘life before birth’. To find oneself under the protection of an outwardly fragile but solid structure in pristine silence, which inhabitants of present-day megacities are deprived of,” said Orekhov of the egg house, whose further interpretation could be a refuge not only for children but also for adults.

Gregory Orekhov | Web | Instagram

Photo: Ivan Erofeev

Source: Designboom

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