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Retro console with a contemporary twist

Portable games have gained new boost, with new developments from Nintendo and Valve, but there’s also something new for those who prefer the art and style of old video games. One of these is Panic’s tiny handheld console, Playdate, which offers a special gaming experience with a retro twist.

The Playdate console, available to pre-order from the end of the month, differs from its peers on purpose: the focus is on the unusual control methods. The bright yellow, compact device is less than a centimetre thick, with rounded edges and rugged-looking buttons, a control pad, Bluetooth connectivity, a microphone, a small speaker and a headphone jack. The device promises eight hours of playtime. The console was designed by Swedish company Teenage Engineering and developed by US software company Panic. New content is promised to be available to customers every week for twelve weeks.

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