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Robert Konieczny creates harmony with a house designed around a garden

Polish architect Robert Konieczny and his team were faced with a special challenge: they had to design a luxury apartment that harmonizes with nature for an existing garden so as to preserve the integrity of green surfaces as much as possible. The spectacular project is one of the latest work of the design team.

In the project handed over by the Polish-based architectural firm KWK Promes this year, everything is about harmony: the luxury property is in dialogue with the garden system, which provides an unusual foundation. Oasis-like green spaces were dominant in both the interior and the exterior of the apartment.

The refined exterior and interiors of the building provide an opportunity for the rich natural forms to be given due emphasis: they can be seen from almost anywhere in the apartment. At the same time, this project points to a new challenge for architecture: in addition to preserving functionality, sustainability and aesthetics, it is a question of how to give more and more space to the natural environment so that building and nature can harmonize with each other.

Photos: Jakub Certowicz

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Source: Archdaily

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