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Safety and determination—the new timeless collection of the Manuela brand

Carefully composed harmony of colors and patterns on comfortable-to-wear garments: the Manuela brand has debuted with an even more mature collection, the concept of which, despite the current difficult period, has been inspired by a determined and positive attitude. Here’s Standing on my own!

The stylish children’s clothes of the Manuela brand are now a thing of the past: in the autumn of 2020, the transformation of the repertoire began with the GOOSE collection, which breaks with seasonality. Her latest, Standing on my own garments, made their debut with an even more mature visuality and design as an imprint of continuous development. “I feel like the way I communicate is becoming more mature,” said Manuela Maráczy, the brand’s founder.

The main approach of the designer is to build a season- and gender-neutral, sustainable brand based on arts and crafts. It appeals to shoppers who value fashion and art, as well as quality and sustainability, over rapidly changing trends. Furthermore, to those who understand and feel the sophistication of art and do not hesitate to think about the origin of a garment, that is, the way in which the textiles used are made. “I consider sustainability to be increasingly important in this regard, we don’t have to stuff our planet with useless and cheap garments. Thus, most of the pieces in the collection are mostly made to order, which means that we only produce as much as we can sell,” Manuela added.

The Standing on my own collection is decorated with Manuela’s own collages and paintings, as well as mixed-media works: these form the textile patterns. “The basis of this technique is always a therapeutic creation for me: so to speak, I collage out of myself what is occupying me in the given period,” the designer emphasized. Thus, determination and safety, including material security, provided the inspiration for the creation of her latest garments. “In this difficult time, many of us are anxious about our future, but I have decided to move forward and come up with more plans, kind of encouraging myself for a better and more optimistic future. Creating financial security and confirming being an independent adult is a topic that affects everyone, which makes this collection timeless,” she explained.

Another special feature is that in addition to the garments, home decor items such as a jacquard-patterned cotton blanket and a rug are now included in the collection. “Many times I fall in love with a pattern, shape or color, and I have a feeling it would be a pity to let it go. When further broken down and moved into other materials, these creations can live on: this is how the idea for the blanket and the rug came, and both work surprisingly well,” Manuela noted.

The designer is already working on her newest collection and other exciting collaborations, but what she puts even more emphasis on now is a European expansion: the Manuela garments are now available in a few Belgian stores, with distribution in Germany and Spain planned next year. In the meantime, take a look at the brand’s webshop and get a Standing on my own piece.

Fotók: Zsófi Bodnár 
MUA: Zsófi Hajdú
Models: Yem (Wam Models), Mira (Sparkling Models)

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