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Scenic lakes in Eastern Europe | TOP 5

In the first suffocating heatwave of the summer, all we can think of is a refreshing dip in the water surrounded by nature. Luckily for us, our country and our neighbors are also rich in beautiful lakes, perfect for a carefree swim. And if you’re looking for an active holiday besides laying on the shore, there are popular hiking trails along the region’s standing waters, dotted with snow-capped mountains and lush forests. In today’s selection, we’re looking at some of the most beautiful lakeshores in Eastern Europe.

Lake of Bánk | Hungary

The Lake of Bánk, also known as the sea of Nódrág County, will sweep you off your feet with its fantastic location. Although the village, from which this tiny, but charming lake takes its name, has barely 700 inhabitants, in summer it’s almost impossible to move from the hordes of hikers visiting the area. The fabulous location is greatly popular with young people, as the lakeshore and the local football pitch are home to the Bánkitó Festival, organized every July.

Photos: szallas.hu, szallasvadasz.hu, gyarmatihirek.hu, termalfurdo.hu

Lake Constance | Austria

Lake Constance is situated at the northern foot of the Alps where Germany, Switzerland and Austria meet. The lake of unrivalled beauty offers a number of possibilities: by the Austrian shore, we find cycle routes, hotels and a special bathhouse. The modern building, home to a restaurant, a panoramic terrace, dressing rooms and bathrooms, is aesthetic and practical at the same time: from the staircase of the house on stilts, you can easily dive into the mirror-like waters of the lake.

Liptovská Mara | Slovakia

Slovakia’s biggest and most popular lake was primarily created to serve the 4 turbines of the neighboring hydropower plant, but later, more and more people started visiting the large lake, and it became a popular destination for anglers, hikers and water sports centers. Today, it’s considered a true water paradise, where you can try almost any extreme sport, from surfing to water scooters.

Lake Paprocany | Poland

The picturesque Lake Paprocany is located in close proximity of the city of Tychy. Its shores are lined with old trees and green fields, and a promenade made entirely of natural materials. The unique project was part of a massive revitalization, as the sports and recreation center of the lakeshore has become greatly popular among the local population.

Lake Jasna | Slovenia

Lake Jasna in Slovenia is an artificial lake created by the connection of two lakes. The lake, furnished with piers and view points, bears the popular Slovenian female first name Jasna, meaning ‘clear.’ It’s no coincidence that this name was chosen, as the lake’s water is almost entirely transparent and has a crystal-like shine. Although the sight might be tempting for all, only the bravest dare to take a dip, as the temperature doesn’t even reach 10 degrees Celsius.

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