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See how Eileen Gray’s iconic villa got a new look

Known as E-1027, the villa, which has become famous not only for its unique architecture but also for its special, inimitable interiors and furniture, is now back in its full splendour for fans of modern architecture.

Another great emblematic figure of French modernist architecture alongside Le Corbusier, Eileen Gray’s extraordinary villa on the French Riviera: the name of the building, completed in 1929, is a code that identifies the designer and owner. E stands for Eileen, 10 for Jean, 2 for Badovici and 7 for Grey. Jean Badovici, the owner of the villa, left in 1930, and Le Corbusier himself moved in and made major alterations to the building with repainting the walls. Grey was outraged by this. After Badovici’s death, the new tenants completely dismantled and demolished the building, and the villa later became even the scene of a murder. It is now in its original splendour, thanks to a rescue partnership that started in 2004.

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