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Self-consciousness is love—the Company of Life has been launched

Striving to become the most conscious version of ourselves is what has led to the launch today of the Company of Life online magazine and webshop, which will promote quality values without compromise in different areas of life with its cutting-edge and world-renowned product range. The brand’s launch campaign also featured well-known celebrities talking about conscious moments in their everyday lives and how to live them with confidence, inspiring those watching from the other side of the camera.

The newly debuted online magazine and marketplace offers a smart and conscious solution to everything, making everyday life easier and truly flowing. In the Company of Life magazine, you’ll find articles focusing on beauty, health, food and home, written by professional experts. And on the virtual shelves of the webshop no smaller brands will make their debut in Hungary than Fenty, the Polish Kiré Skin, the pea-based Sproud milks, the 100% vegan products from The Vurger Co. and the household brand Attitude.

You can order products from the webshop to anywhere in Hungary. The products are also assembled and packaged in an environmentally responsible way. The packaging and space-filling materials are biodegradable, so they can be placed in municipal waste or compost without any environmental impact.

In Hungary, the Company of Life’s launch campaign will feature well-known figures promoting the conscious living of everyday life and the development of a confident, uncompromising value system. Among them appears Odett with her bell-like voice and the power couple Annamari Kaptay and Ian O’Sullivan, while the health-consciousness ambassador, Fülöp Budavári, will share some insightful thoughts.

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