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Shopping for the future—packaging-free stores in the region | TOP 5

As we increasingly address the issue of sustainability in our day-to-day lives, various packaging-free stores are emerging in response. By choosing zero waste stores, we are opting for a more sustainable future, while also supporting local businesses and, in many cases, getting better and healthier ingredients. Transparent offer, peaceful atmosphere, more personal experience—come with us into the world of the most special packaging-free shops in the region!

Pancs Shop | Hungary

The success of the market known as Pancs Gasztroplacc has already manifested itself in three stores. In addition, the transformation is a consequence of the coronavirus epidemic: the closure of the market has caused difficulties in the lives of both buyers and producers, so there has been a great need for shops. In addition to the sustainable design, it is an extra pleasure that handcrafted pastries and delicious coffee enliven the shopping—which can be enjoyed on site on the cozy terrace.

Rifuzl | Slovenia

Slovenia’s first zero waste shop is Rifuzl, which dates back to a holiday in Greece. During their trip, the owners of the business were confronted with sand full of pieces of plastic, which resulted in them leaving their jobs after three years of brainstorming and opening in 2018!

Magazin Zero Waste București | Romania

The next member of our selection, Magazin Zero Waste, has also entered the world as a pioneer—on the one hand, it is the first zero waste store in Bucharest since December 2020, on the other hand, it follows the vegan philosophy. Only vegan food and everyday household items can be found on the shelves, which is exemplary to this day.

Bezobalovo | Slovakia

Even before the launch of Bezobalovo, the founder of the store was intensely interested in ecology, in parallel with which she introduced more and more green habits into her life. After a local scientist in Iceland drew attention to the fact that the country would be left without ice in a few decades, she felt that more was needed than looking for environmentally conscious alternatives.

Photos: Bezobalovo

Minimum Waste | Czech Republic

A team of designers and innovators of Minimum Waste has created a technology called MIWA. MIWA is a gap-filling innovation that enables packaging-free shopping in supermarkets with its mobility—helping to promote a conscious lifestyle. In addition to operating their zero waste store, they also organize installations, roundtable discussions and design meetings.

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