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Skanska launches invitation-based outdoor art design tender

Skanska has launched a design tender for an outdoor artwork, which will be installed in the public garden of the H2Offices complex. Four designers or design teams participate in the invitation-based tender. The winning project selected by the jury will be announced in May and the artwork is expected to be completed in the last quarter of the year.

The aim of the public art project is to create a valuable installation for the local community, which will provide an inspiring visual experience and enrich the urban space of the Váci office corridor. With each and every project, Skanska aspires to add long-lasting value to the local areas of the projects by creating welcoming environments that accommodate people’s needs and bring them together. The following designers and teams were invited to the tender: S39 Hybrid Design, Andrea Hegedűs Design, Medence Csoport, Paradigma Ariadné.

“H2Offices will be, in many ways, an innovative and unique office complex. Its placemaking, the large green garden, will be available to the general public and we intend to create a visually exciting, iconic and functional installation that everyone can relate to. We are looking for concepts that are representative of our project, emphasizing as much as possible the connection to water and nature in general and having the potential to become valuable landmarks of Budapest,” said András Abraham, Project Director of Skanska’s Commercial Development Business Unit in Hungary.

Members of the professional jury include Judit Osvárt, member of the Hungarian Design Council and Editor-in-chief of Elle Decoration magazine, Gábor Gadó, the Cultural Officer of Budapest’s 13th district Mayor’s Office, András Ábrahám, Project Director of Skanska’s Commercial Development Business Unit in Hungary.

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