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Slovenian novelties await you at Design Without Borders | Made in Slovenia—The Future of Living

This year the Design without borders exhibition welcomes visitors to a magical new venue—the Kiscell Museum’s magnificent church hall will host one of the region’s most prestigious design forums for over a month. Once again, a great number of designers will present their unique work, with almost 160 pieces from 16 countries. With the diversity of the international festival, the organizers are keen to highlight emerging talents with a particular style from each country. This is how this year’s Made in Slovenia—The Future of Living, a selection of Slovenian designers, was born.

The Slovenian design scene has evolved significantly in recent years, as is perfectly illustrated by The Future of Living which features some of Slovenia’s most significant contemporary design works as a special part of the exhibition.  All of the works on display have been created in the last two years and all have been awarded the Made in Slovenia Excellence Award, which aims to reward and showcase innovative advances in local design.

The works on display at the modular exhibition have a lot in common: they are sustainable, functional, have a passion for nature and some of them have a socially important role to play—but they all combine creativity and a business mindset. The selection perfectly reflects the efforts of the Creative Centre at the Museum of Architecture and Design to connect and promote the Slovenian cultural and creative sector— initiatives that foster creative collaboration between science, business and education. The exhibition Made in Slovenia—The Future of Living is curated by Zala Košnik and Mika Cimolini of the Creative Centre in Ljubljana, who gave a guided tour on the opening day. Until the end of Design without borders, textile designer Szilvia Szigeti and interior designer Tamás Radnóti will guide visitors through the mysteries of the multifaceted exhibition. In addition, a number of programs will bring together design, dance, visual arts and music, demonstrating the interoperability between genres.

The objects on display offer a vision of a lifestyle where conventional raw materials are no longer available in unlimited quantities—in the future, new products will need to be developed for a generation that seeks unique solutions. The exhibits include a range of products made from locally sourced raw materials using innovative manufacturing processes that are based on local craftsmanship and sustainable technology. The exhibition reflects the fusion of advanced technology and craftsmanship and the designers’ love for life and nature. Design without borders and Made in Slovenia—The Future of Living are on display at the Kiscell Museum until 28 November. The event is part of the series of programs at the Budapest Design Week.

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