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Smog-eating mural | David Strauzz X Nike X Footshop

With the We Share The Same Future slogan, a new mural has appeared in Prague: a huge fresco depicting a portrait of a woman not only draws attention to sustainability, but, like forests, it purifies the air for a brighter future. The project aims to highlight the alarming levels of pollution, backed by muralists Nike, Footshop and David Strauzz.

Like most major cities, Prague needs urgent action to improve air quality. Footshop and Nike have embarked on a joint project to make the air in the Czech capital cleaner. Instead of a simple advertisement, Canadian artist David Strauzz, who lives in Prague, was asked to make a fresco for the UNIQ Tesla building in the name of sustainability. The 350-square-meter mural was made with a special mineral paint that can decompose up to 88% of air pollutants and turn them into salt when exposed to sunlight. In addition, the paint not only neutralizes air pollution, but also prevents the formation of mold and prevents the side of the building from overheating.

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Source: Transcontinental Times

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