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Sneakers for eco-conscious customers | Adidas x Allbirds

The carbon footprint of the first sneaker created from the brand partnership of Adidas and Allbirds is much smaller than that of its competitors.

The pioneer of sustainable shoe manufacturing, the San Francisco-based Allbirds has joined forces with a brand veteran, Adidas: the end result of their collaboration is a shoe dubbed Futurecraft.Footprint with a carbon footprint of just 2.94 kilograms.

What does this exactly mean? Allbirds, five-year-old brand, labels each of its products with data representing the CO2 emitted during its production.

The figure of nearly 3 kg might mean nothing until we discover that the estimated carbon footprint of an average sports shoe is 13.6 kg. To significantly reduce this figure, the team had to rethink everything from materials, weight and manufacturing to packaging. This is how the recycled shoe made of polyester and Tencel was born. Thanks to the data on it, every buyer knows exactly what they’re putting on their feet, and it’s not the big words of marketing slogans that persuade them to buy this piece of footwear but real facts.

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